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The Holy Father, together with the College of Cardinals, has long sought to serve the common good by encouraging business and political leaders to prioritize ethical considerations when determining their priorities.
This encouragement of ethics is not intended to be understood as a rallying cry for economic revolution, but rather as an opportunity to make our economies more human-centered.

Why are ethical considerations not a higher priority?

In recent years we have seen a plethora of news stories about corporations being nearly bankrupted due to the decisions of a few key leaders who failed to adequately consider the value and necessity of ethical decision making.

We have professional and global firms who provide accounting, legal, and management services to our businesses, but no such firms or institutions provide ethical advice or consultation.
This speaks to our business priorities; the lack of human values that characterizes our global economy partially explains its current instability. In the 21st century we must work together to provide humanity with a stable economic framework by addressing this ethical vacuum.


The mission of the School of Business Ethics is to provide all businesses with the education and expertise required to operate ethically.
The School will train a new generation of leaders on how to run their businesses in an ethically responsible manner and provide consultation services so they have access to the support and expertise required to do so.

The School of Business Ethics will be the leading institution globally for the development of ethical based training and services.


What will the School of Business Ethics do?




The School will provide executive level education in the form of seminars and full courses.  The School will also work to develop a comprehensive program for ethical officers who serve at the board or administrative levels to assist executives with ethical discernment.




The school will work with businesses and industries to co-develop ethical toolkits and programming in order to provide practical means for employers and employees to avoid ethical catastrophes.




The School will provide businesses the opportunity to appeal for expert third party opinion and guidance on particular ethical dilemmas they face.



Thought Leadership

The School will continuously work to evaluate trends in business and economics, and contribute insight and offer guidance to ensure they remain dedicated to the service of the common good.


Given the Holy See’s widely acknowledged leadership in promoting and developing ethics, it is appropriate for it to lead a global coalition to advance ethical thinking in business.

The School of Business Ethics will be led by the Pontifical Lateran University in collaboration with the Congregation for Catholic Education of the Holy See and will be headquartered in Rome, Italy. The School will draw from a multidisciplinary and diverse group of experts from around the globe to fulfill its educational and consultative commitments.
The School is actively working to build formal partnerships with some of the leading business schools in the world as well as accomplished centers of ethics.

The School will also collaborate with leading NGOs and governments to advocate for more robust ethical standards in business globally.

Professors from Harvard Business School and The Wharton School are but some of the distinguished experts who have agreed to participate.


The School will initially be funded by the Pontifical Lateran University, contributions from participating CEOs in the executive ethical leadership program, the Humanity 2.0 Foundation, and a number of other philanthropic organizations.

The School will eventually be self-funded through revenues generated by its programming, executive education, and consultation services.
Revenues generated by the aforementioned services will be used to further develop the offerings of the school as well as fund research, scholarships and bursaries, and public benefit events and training.


  • School Presentation at Humanity 2.0 Forum

  • Initial Curriculum Announcement

  • “Shared Value -- An European Perspective”

    First Pilot Executive Seminar on the theme:

  • May 10
  • Jun
  • Oct
  • (North American Business Leaders)

    Second Pilot Executive Seminar in Vatican

  • School Update at Humanity 2.0 Forum

  • First Formal Ethical Leadership Course Offering

  • April
  • May 8
  • Jun

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