School of Business Ethics

First, we seek to address and integrate the ethics sorely needed in our current business world. In collaboration with Harvard Business School, we have formed the Pontifical School of Business Ethics, a new institution committed to training a new generation of business leaders in ethics. It is the School’s vision that the role of Chief Ethics Officer become a standard throughout the Fortune 500 and beyond.
We will develop ethical toolkits and connect human resource departments around the world with sorely needed solutions and guidance. In a world lacking moral leadership, it is our belief that the School will help form a new generation of business leaders with enduring principles of ethical practices.

Square Roots Lab

Our second initiative is focused on the most important function of humanity, yet one that is currently facing an epidemic: maternal health. It is our belief that the square root of a healthy life is a healthy pregnancy. Thus, we must protect humanity’s most valuable natural resource: our Mothers.

We are developing the Square Roots Lab to lead a global movement on maternal health and well being. In collaboration with leading science organizations, the Lab will develop a global standard for healthy maternal environments. This showcase will introduce a new vision for building healthier humans through improved environmental protocols to better support and protect pregnant women around the world.
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Pope Francis

The Laudato Si Challenge

In 2017, The Laudato Si’ Challenge called on entrepreneurs to address climate change through the engine of business. Nine companies, from every major continent, and every major faith, demonstrated their bold innovations at The Vatican, to 400 leaders and luminaries from 30 countries.
The 2018 Laudato Si’ Challenge is set to: “positively, and sustainably, impact the lives of 10 million migrants and refugees by 2020.” The event will take place at The Vatican in December, as we seek to transform Rome into the global hub of His Holiness Pope Francis’ “social economy - one that hides or discards no one.”
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We are starting from the beginning, toward a new end, locked hand in hand, united in a common purpose.

Participate in the Forum

Participants in the Humanity 2.0 Forum are mission-aligned stakeholders gathered to address particular impediments to human flourishing.

The Forum provides an opportunity for stakeholders to be presented with high potential solutions to particular human challenges and then an invitation to unite in a cross-sector effort to address them. Anyone may request to attend a Forum, but due to practical considerations, only a limited number are invited.

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