COVID-19 Response

Humanity 2.0 Well Being and Delos teamed-up with Saint Mary’s to install groundbreaking purification systems on its Winona and Twin Cities campuses. These systems, which were being discussed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic as part of Saint Mary’s commitment to healthy living and wellness for students, will significantly contribute to the health and well-being of students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors by purifying the air and surfaces of harmful materials, including viruses.

Helping Moms Achieve an Optimal Pregnancy

The decision on where to begin HWB’s work was simple. Start at the beginning, and as it turns out, the most important period of human development - pregnancy.

Sadly, we are failing our moms. Pregnancy today still needlessly claims lives and far too many moms are still experiencing ‘traumatic birth experiences’. Women have been giving birth for thousands of years and yet, there is still no accessible ‘gold standard’ for pregnancy.

So, we teamed up with Square Roots to develop a leading solution. Humanity 2.0 Well Being is determined to support moms, and dads, around the world to ensure they have the healthiest and happiest pregnancy possible.

Optimizing Buildings to Promote Health and Well Being

Humanity today is spending up to 90% of our time indoors, which is an enormous divergence from our evolutionary history that has a profound health and wellness impact on us.

Understanding the effects of buildings (the built environment) on us is therefore key to determining how we can leverage our time inside to promote our health and wellness.

So, Humanity 2.0 Well Being teamed up with Delos, the world’s leader in building science and technology, to explore how to bring these interventions to new markets such as student & senior housing, hospitals, houses of worship and others.

Pontifical Oriental Institute COVID-19 Response

Humanity 2.0 Well Being and Delos joined forces with Fr. David Nazar, SJ, Rector of the Pontifical Oriental Institute, to create a showcase in Rome that features some of the most advanced anti-COVID protocols and technologies available along with health and wellness upgrades intended to reduce stress and bolster focus.